Sexual assault and children

As well as April being designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month, it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This week we’re going to take a look at both and the impact this type of exposure can have on children.

For many reasons, including the shame associated with disclosing sexual abuse, professionals believe it’s hard to estimate just how many children are abused sexually each year.

The National Survey of Children Exposed to Violence (NatSCEV) takes a deeper look at different types of victimization experiences including sexual contact or fondling by an adult the child knew, sexual contact or fondling by an adult stranger, sexual contact or fondling by another child or teenager, attempted or completed intercourse, exposure or “flashing,” sexual harassment, and consensual sexual conduct with an adult.

NatSCEV  found that 6.1 percent of more than 2,000 children surveyed had been sexually victimized in the past year and nearly 10 percent over their lifetimes.

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OJJDP Releases National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence Publications









You should take a look at some great new resources just released by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) that help combat children’s exposure to violence!

Polyvictimization: Children’s Exposure to Multiple Types of Violence, Crime, and Abuse

Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Other Family Violence

“Questions and Answers About the National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence: fact sheet

They can also be found here:

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