Year in Review: Our favorite posts

This year has been a busy one in the effort to reduce, treat and eliminate the harmful impacts of childhood exposure to violence. Our grantees have continued working to implement evidence-based programs in their communities, building knowledge and awareness about CEV and its consequences has been widespread, and the Defending Childhood Task Force just issued a report and policy recommendations on how to further work to end CEV.

We’re ready to keep rolling in 2013, but wanted to share some of our favorite blog posts from 2012:

Here at the Safe Start Center we had a breakout blogger this year…our Director Elena Cohen. This post from her is a staff favorite because it took her knowledge surrounding children’s exposure to violence and related it to a current event, the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.


Human trafficking is a serious public health and child protection issue worldwide, but it is a growing and serious domestic concern in the U.S. This post stands out because it sheds light on this problem and how it’s affecting children across the nation and shares resources to stop it.
Another favorite from our Director, Elena Cohen, discusses how policy responds to domestic violence exposure and how parents and caregivers can help children cope positively when they’re affected by domestic violence.

The use of storytelling is a powerful way to educate about a specific issue. In this guest post for Child Abuse Awareness Month, George Washington shares his story about how abuse and exposure to violence as a child impacted him long into adulthood.


Child sexual abuse has heartbreaking consequences but this post highlights an amazing campaign, Pinwheels for Prevention, that starts a conversation about stopping abuse and preventing child abuse and neglect from happening!

Was there a post you really liked or learned from? Share it with us in the comments below!


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