Defending Childhood Task Force issues report, recommendations

Defending Childhood task force

Photo courtesy of OJJDP

“We are facing one of the most significant challenges to the future of America’s children that we have ever known. Our children are experiencing and witnessing violence on an alarming scale.”

 – Defending Childhood Task Force co-chairs Joe Torre & Robert Listenbee Jr.

Dec. 12, the Defending Childhood Task Force turned over its final report to Attorney General Eric Holder.

Created in October 2011, the 13-member task force visited four communities across the country, hosting hearings to learn about children’s exposure to violence, an experience co-chair Joe Torre said enriched his life.

Task force members told stories of speaking with gang members, parents and practitioners that resulted in the 56 recommendations that make up the report.

Recommendations include:

1.2 – Appoint a federal task force or commission to examine the needs of American Indian/Alaska Native children exposed to violence.

1.3 – Engage youth as leaders and peer experts in all initiatives defending children against violence and its harmful effects.

2.3 – Include curricula in all university undergraduate and graduate programs to ensure that every child- and family-serving professional receives training in multiple evidence-based methods for identifying and screening children for exposure to violence.

4.5 – Create multidisciplinary councils or coalitions to assure systemwide collaboration and coordinated community responses to children exposed to family violence.

Read the full report here.

According to the report, 46 million children in the U.S. will be exposed to violence this year.

The Safe Start and Defending Childhood initiatives provide funding to organizations across the country that are providing evidence-based programs and interventions to reduce and eliminate childhood exposure to violence and it’s negative impacts.

We compiled tweets from the task force’s presentation, which include related resources here.

What do you think about the report and recommendations? Were you surprised by anything? Are you already doing some of the recommendations? Tell us in the comments below.


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