A Tragic First Day of School: Tools to help students

Monday, the first day back to class for Perry Hall High School students, a 15-year-old student bought a gun to school and allegedly shot another student, who remains in critical condition.

As we’ve discussed before, community and school violence can do more than injure a child physically. The damage exposure to violence can do to children mentally and emotionally can have long-term effects and hinder their development.

A guidance counselor wrestled alleged gunman Robert Wayne Gladden Jr. to the floor, protecting surrounding students.  In the days and weeks to follow, students may need help coping with and understanding what happened. Our new toolkit, which includes an easy to understand infographic full of suggestions of how to help, is for teachers who may find themselves in the same situation as Perry Hall teachers.

Our thoughts and hopes of healing are with the injured student, his family and the young shooter who the media reports had been bullied previously.

Here are some other Safe Start’s resources in an effort to assist adults and children who may have witnessed this event.

Healing the Invisible Wounds: Children’s Exposure to Violence – A Guide for Families

Trauma Informed Care Tip Sheets
Tips for Pregnancy Prevention Programs
Tips for Parent Education Programs
Tips for Parents and Other Caregivers
Tips for Child Welfare Staff
Tips for Early Childhood Providers
Tips for Engaging Men and Fathers
Tips for Domestic Violence and Homeless Shelters
Tips for Teachers
Tips for Agencies and Staff Working with Youth
Tips for Agencies Working With Immigrant Families

Each of our issue briefs below explains the importance of addressing exposure to violence in different settings and ways to take action:

Moving from Evidence to Action: Understanding Children’s Exposure to Violence

Moving from Evidence to Action: Pediatric Care Settings

Moving From Evidence to Action: Schools


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