CEV in Your School

As educators prepare new lesson plans and welcome students back to school, we wanted to offer some tools to help them deal with a problem that is bigger than they may realize.

The National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence, a Department of Justice and CDC survey, found that 60 percent of children were exposed to violence in the previous year. Be it violence in their homes, schools or communities it can impact children negatively. Further study of the survey found that 42 percent of victimizations were known to school authorities, like school resource officers.

In an effort to equip school staff with the knowledge to help prevent, reduce and treat the negative impacts of exposure to violence, the Safe Start Center has put together a toolkit full of useful resources, including our engaging new infographic.

CEV in the Schools infographic is part of a larger toolkit for educators to help them understand children’s exposure to violence.

A useful, shareable reference, the infographic includes more statistics about children exposed to violence and tips on how teachers and administrators can help.

Considering children spend a large amount of their time in classrooms, it’s no surprise that exposure to violence can negatively impact their behavior and school performance. Impacts of these incidents don’t stay in the environment where they happened. They can bleed into every part of the child’s life, harming their development and putting them at risk for lifelong struggles. A child who witnesses domestic violence at home, is sexually abused, or bullied needs a caring, trusted adult to help them cope and heal.

Once educators have made themselves aware of the issues surrounding children’s exposure to violence, they can spread the word by sharing the infographic and other resources including the Tip Sheet for Parents and Caregivers and our guide for families, Healing the Invisible Wounds (also available in Spanish).

When everyone is informed and works together, a child who has been exposed to violence can find the help they need to cope.


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