Defending Childhood Task Force briefing

Update 5:20 p.m. : A summary of the coverage is available HERE.

Original, posted at 1:15 p.m.: This afternoon, the Defending Childhood Initiative’s Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence will brief members of congress on their work to date.

Over the past several months, the task force has met with practitioners, researchers, advocates and survivors in hearings across the country as they work to shape policy recommendations on how to reduce the impact and prevalence of childhood exposure to violence.

Want to follow along? You can check this blog (the Twitter feed to your left), or follow us on Twitter – @safestartcenter – using #DefendChildhood, where we’ll be live tweeting the briefing.

We’ll check back in after the event with a round-up. In the meantime, below are some resources for a refresher course in children’s exposure to violence and the Defending Childhood Initiative.

Defending Childhood Fact Sheet

Facts About Children and Violence

Understanding Children’s Exposure to Violence


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