We’re looking for bloggers!

We’re gearing up for Child Abuse Awareness Month and Children Exposed to Violence Week in April and we’re looking for some new voices for our blog – your voices.

We’re looking for anyone who works with children (social worker, doctor/nurse, educator, etc.) or anyone who has experienced abuse as a child to write a brief blog post about child abuse or children’s exposure to violence. Do you have a personal story to tell about your experience with child abuse? Do you run a program that serves youth exposed to violence? How do you define child abuse and what types of policies or government involvement do you think is needed? Tell us about it!

Please send your blog post – with your full name, contact information and a picture of yourself, if you have one – to info@safestartcenter.org by March 28. We will select a handful of posts to run on our blog during the month of April.

Before you get started, take a cruise around the blog or visit www.safestartcenter.org to see what we’re all about.

We look forward to reading your posts!


One Response

  1. I have worked extensively with traumatised children, adolescents and families, currently with asylum seeker children, and would be happy to be involved.

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