What will you do with your “extra” day?

Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. February has 28 alone. All the rest have thirty-one. Except there is a time…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ….when February has 29!

Every four years, we gain a day.

So what are you going to do with your extra day? Will you spend more time with your friends than in 2011? Will you go for an extra walk?

Or will you just let it slip on by unnoticed…

Do something different this Leap Day – dedicate your February 29 to helping teens and raise awareness about teen dating violence. There are several simple ways you can get involved by just educating yourself or your family, sharing a Safe Start Center post on Facebook, or get creative with your own idea. Below are some more ideas and a couple innovative ways people are promoting and supporting teens everywhere!

 Creative Movements:

ImageFriends say the tough stuff…so do it! Campaign:  http://www.kappadelta.org/datingabuseawareness
Kappa Delta sorority chapters are raising campus awareness through posters, awareness events, and friendship on their individual campuses across the nation.



Juicy Couture: http://thehighlow.com/2012/02/juicy-couture-will-deliver-valentines-treats-to-benefit-loveisrespect-org/
“And on a day meant to celebrate love, shouldn’t bringing awareness to its often preventable dark side be an important component of the holiday?  Paired with a sweet note from a stranger, Juicy Couture’s approach smartly combines a lighthearted touch with a serious commitment to the issue.” — This is an idea that Juicy Couture did this Valentines Day, but notes of encouragement are needed every day.


Ideas you could do today that are quick, easy and even free…

Get educated on the facts (http://safestartcenter.org/resources/teen-dating-violence-month.php)

Take a Training (http://www.vetoviolence.org/datingmatters/)

Give to a Campaign

Talk to someone you love

Post about it on Facebook or send a Tweet

For more ideas, go to Love Is Respect for their Top 10!

Teen Resources:

Get Help:


Get Educated:
Fact Sheets


Get Going

TD4-1-1 App and Website

Guide to Online Use


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