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Why the ‘Johns’ aren’t getting prosecuted – Fox…, posted with vodpod

Human trafficking is a global problem. But it’s quickly gaining local media attention as people learn how prevalent the problem is in cities such as Atlanta, Phoenix and New York, among others. Local law enforcement agencies say it is more challenging than ever to crack down on the ‘johns.’ “The issue with prosecuting buyers — or ‘johns’ as some people call them — typically they’re not known to the victim,” said Cobb County Police Detective Carol Largent. “They may not know a first name, a last name; know what they drive, where they live. They may not be able to give us any information about them.”

Read more at Elizabeth Prann’s Fox News article: Human Trafficking: Hunting the Predator.

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  1. I said:
    My experience of the church is that pedophiles (various in Protestant churches) were being protected in churches, with the affected children having no recourse. One such child was a blind 13-year old girl who was repeatedly used for sex over a long weekend at a church campground. Another’s court sentence instructed him never to have contact with children and also not to be involved with youth camps again. The church leaders and Christian radio station are all aware of this, yet this guy is STILL involved with youth camps. At the same time, these same protectors of the evil within shout at Muslims, who we have no right to judge, although we obviously do not agree with their beliefs.
    Where I am, the church protects the sinner within and persecute the true disciples and prophets. I have serious problems with the lack of integrity seen in church. All I want to see, is that Scripture gets followed. yet the attitude is “judge me not” which is a blanket protection for the evil within. There is no hint of repentance, nor do the leaders apply a single standard. There are different rules for different people or even communities.
    Friend responded with:

    You bring up Pedophiles, my question for you is, do you see yourself as superior to them?
    Before you go off the deep end, allow me to explain.
    Several months ago, my wife came home from working at the Hospital. She is a nurse in pediatrics. She is not supposed to talk of the things that transpire there, so I will change the story a bit. She was very distraught, and had to talk about it.
    At the Hospital, there was a vent dependent child, totally in a vegetative state, and only kept alive by machines. By all counts, she was dead, with no hope of recovery. Her mother insisted on keeping her alive though. Since costs for keeping her in the hospital were so great, she was sent home with a visiting nurse caring for her. One day, this nurse noticed that this child was pregnant, and it was found that the father, uncle and brother were all sexually abusing her.
    Flabbergasted, I did not know what to say to my wife, let alone to “comfort” her. Needless to say I was up all night thinking of this story praying to God: “How could you let this happen? and why?” The Holy Spirit, he led me to Luke 18:9-14, and he told me all sin is just as grievous as their sin, that I was no better than these family members except by the grace of God, And to know that Jesus died while we were yet sinners for us…..So great is his Love for us. Ever since, Luke 18:9-14 has been a somewhat powerful passage for me in explaining the extending of mercy to the most wicked amongst us. Ever since, I have prayed the prayer of the tax collector and not the prayer of the Pharisee. knowing full well that I deserve, nor earn any of what he has given me. This, was my point of “reaching repentance”.
    Now this in no way means that I condone this sin of theirs, But it does give me the right frame of mind to know my place, and that I dare not climb on that Podium of self righteousness again. So when Christ says that we are to love one another as he loved us, can you find that kind of love in yourself for that most despicable and unrighteous of a person as this family? I Know that this is an extreme example, but his is what a repentant heart is.
    This led me to write this response on another site, in response to the someone who wrote on the sweat shop in India that collapsed.
    My intent on that post was that we might have the attitude daily of the tax collector in Luke 18, and that with this understanding we will not want to put ourselves on a podium, but rather have a repentant heart.

    As we see stories in the news, of more and more despicable acts on the part of people, we must always remember we are no different than they are. “For all have sinned”, and ALL sin is grievous in the eyes of the Lord. In You bringing up the sin of slave labor, and sweatshops, I believe that you are reminding us of our “unseen sin”. In a sense we are all guilty in this building collapse for promoting monetary gain and convenience at the expense of human life. This sin is also systematic, and societal as well, being melded into both capitalist and communist political systems.
    As another example, We are all quick to condemn abortionist, and the Woman who has an abortion, and rightfully so. But do we as Christians admit our guilt in every abortion, in that we support a worldly system that does not believe in the sanctity of human life. If you do not believe me that we are responsible for abortion, then think about it this way. How many a child has been aborted due to the stigma and shame associated with having a child out of wedlock in the churches, and how has this perception then continued on in the society as a whole that sees the gift of life as shameful, and burdensome?
    Now, I am not trying to take away the personal responsibility of the individual who commit the sin of adultery, or fornication out of wedlock, nor the abortionist who murders the child. It is a sin, and it is theirs. But in our placing ourselves on a podium of being “Morally better” than they are, we are in effect judging and condemning the sinner, instead of the sin. As the Pharisee prayed, “Thank God I am not like other men…” We too are doing the same in “condemning” abortionists, and those who have children aborted.
    What then should our approach be? When we see abortion occurring, It is we who need to say “Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.”. When we see slave labor and sweat shops, we should first repent of our part in that sin, for we have “aided and abetted the criminal” in their sin. When we see our society heading into greater “lawlessness”, we need to realize our role in that. We have not loved the sinner, as Christ Jesus “who while we were yet sinners” died for the penalty of our sin. Instead we have persecuted the sinner and condemned them.
    In the Old testament, when Josiah was made aware of the sin of his fathers, he “tore off his clothes” in repentance. How many of us are “tearing off our clothes”, being made aware of our sins? When we look down on the sinner from our lofty podiums instead of seeing ourselves as no better than they are we perpetuate the sin in our society.
    There is, however, a better way. As Jesus outlined in the upper room discourse found in John 13-17. That is the way of Love. The New commandment he gave us, “to love one another as he loved us”. How did he Love us? “Who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” (phil. 2:6-8)
    Now we may not be able to do much to fight this sin in the world, but we can repent, and understand our part in it. We can daily, hourly, and minutely go to the foot of the cross with our face on the ground saying “Lord have mercy on me a sinner”, and he will forgive. In fact he already has forgiven us, by his grace. And we in turn as stewards of that grace can extend that to the sweat shop owner, the teen who gets pregnant, the abortionist, the murderer, and what have you. In extending grace to those who offend us, we in fact are perfecting God’s Love for others (read 1 John 4,5 here). We are the medium through which his love and grace flow. It is by this testimony that the world will be overcome. And thus sin will be overcome. Therefore, sin is not overcome by our “fighting it”, but rather by God’s Love overflowing from us.
    Our repentance is our testimony. Think about that in terms of these end times. I pray the Holy Spirit will reveal this connection to those who are his. All glory to God.

    My response to that:
    In neither of these cases did the sinners show remorese, neither repented, etc. No, I am not superior but I also have a specific purpose and calling from Him. Already in general, we have the duty to do housekeeping to keep the church pure. Jesus is not returning for a blemished, tarnished church, but for one that at the very least tries to live according to His will. In one of these cases, I was directly involved with the youth ministry that was being affected and saw the damage done to numerous more young lives as well as the complete and total failure of an entire ministry nipped in the bud. No, our own ego should not interfere yet we need to be fair and just. It is not the judge in a criminal case who has to forgive the murderer, but that of Jesus. The judge’s duty is to remove the murderer from society. Our position herein is no different.

    Must we become bovine and merely look on while the predator catches our young buffalo? What protectors of the innocent are we, what treasurers are we of His gold, if we decide to look the other way when we have a rather clear duty to foster and protect?

    Jesus would not sent a bolt of lightning, but He has equipped you and I to be sober in all, to be protectors of His flock. Read Ezekiel 33 and 34 as that is where the Lord had ministered to me from that angle.

    It is because of the church’s failure that society is in the mess it is today. Jesus, Ezrah, Nehemiah and others even became physical when defending the temple, a temple which was a type of the true church we are now part of. My zeal, my passion for His human house is a raging fire in me and no, I will not do this from my own ego, but I will not remain silent when I see this wrong being done. Paul warned an entire city’s believers to come give them a hiding, remember?

    Pacifism, apathy, complacency from the side of Christians is what had brought society to the mess we are in today. It is our own spineless acceptance, also that of protecting the offender, that had allowed for the rot to set in. We are bankers and our system had failed long ago, we are bankrupt treasurers of His assets, who allow the robber and the thief because we pity him and not the innocent victim.

    Now please read 1 Cor 5:9-13 again, with an open mind.

    and my indignation let me write another letter……..

    You took what I have said out of contecxt. I never even hinted at punishing the pregnant schoolgirl, or the abortionist that cape from rape or child abuse. Just bear in mind that, if you allow pregant girls to attend school, you create an environment conducive towards teen grisl wanting to fall pregnant.

    In South Africa, as in most other African countries, this is a major issue. We already have pregnant girls in our schools and enormous problems arise asa result. In most cases, we deal with people who have little to offer in the area of being sensible and logical. Hedonism feeds the uterus and then innocent lives are added to a society that already lives at around US$2-30 per day, on average. Drugs, crime, gansgerism, these things are part also of church communities here. There is no general developed culture of accepting responsibility for our actions.

    That, however, is not the point.

    The point is that we become accessories to the crimes of others if we turn a blind eye. We are guilty before God and also before human law. God had provided in generous measuremenst for the rights of victims and their protection is our very first priority.

    It sounds all too humanist to pamper the criminal and let him feed on little lambs. Please do not tell me this is what God wants from us. We do not act out of superiority, we do not act in vengeance, even, but out of Biblical duty. And, if a court of law decrees that an offender stays away from children, it is our civil duty to ensure that he stays away.

    Your responses gave me both a old fright and an insight into why your nation is where she is today. I am shocked to the core!

    Now, I do invite your views on this, as I need to see where you see our social responsibility, our civil duty lies. Should we just forgive sexual transgressors and let them get away with it or should we protect the innocent?

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