Providers Against Bullying

We know that providers are working tirelessly to protect kids from bullying and make schools and communities safer for them. To help that work we’d just like to share a few more resources that providers can tap into to help keep their efforts moving forward!

Workshops and Trainings to Address Name-calling and Bullying

This is a great resource for schools, providers, and educators to use for creating strategic plans that can make schools safer for kids against bullying.

Preventing and tackling bullying

This resource page, from the Department of Education in the UK, offers detailed advice and prevention techniques for teachers, staff, administrators, and for use in community settings.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Another fantastic article, originally featured in Principal Leadership Magazine, Vol 4, Number 1, September 2003, from the National Association of School Psychologists, helps administrators tackle and recognize bullying in the their schools and to stop it before it starts.

We’d really like to thank providers for their ongoing hard work to eradicate bullying at its source and to reduce violence against children!


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