Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire

Please check out this great new resource linked to the “National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence (NatSCEV) [that] is the largest, most comprehensive survey on youth victimization conducted in the United States.”

The website notes that:

“The Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire-2nd Revision (JVQ-R2) is the core of NatSCEV.  The full JVQ-R2, including supplements, [and] assesses 50+ forms of victimization across five general areas:

  • Conventional crime
  • Maltreatment
  • Peer and sibling victimization
  • Sexual victimization
  • Witnessing and other exposure to violence.”

This will be a great resource to help further awareness about youth victimization as a whole and improve research!

Suggested Citation:

Hamby, S., Finkelhor, D., Turner, H., & Kracke, K. (2011).  The Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire toolkit.  Retrieved from http://www.unh.edu/ccrc/jvq/index_new.html.


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