Bullying Awareness: Parents, Teachers, Providers

So far this month, we’ve talked about how bullying appears everywhere. But how do parents, service providers, and teachers recognize, understand, and help their kids deal with it?  To continue support for National Bullying Awareness Month, every day this week we want to share some resources and tips to help you learn how to guide the children in your lives and understand the effect bullying has on them.

A good place to start might be in understanding why kids either get bullied or become bullies themselves. A report released earlier this month from Anderson Cooper 360, “The Reason Children Become Bullies,” is a great resource. Once you understand where bullying starts, a next step is to know how far the effects of bullying reach.  We know that kids who witness or who are direct victims of violence can be negatively affected for the rest of their lives. A new study shows that bullying has the same effect as any other type of violence. Bullies and their victims are negatively impacted by bullying situations, but the results demonstrate that bystanders witnessing these events are just as affected. It is critical for the teachers, caregivers, and practitioners in these kids’ lives to not only know where bullying starts, but everyone that it hurts, so they can help the kids who need it.

To kick off the week here are some other great resources to help get you started:

Keep checking out the Safe Start Center blog and Facebook page every day this week for new resources and stories supporting parents, teachers, and providers in the fight against bullying!


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