Adaptability of training is critical

Maternal and Child Health Leadership Skills Development Series

The John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is offering a Maternal and Child Health Leadership Development Series for the public. This series offers an online tutorial on the conceptual framework needed to help build the neccessary leadership skills required for those working in this field. This framework helps participants to use the skills they learn from the series to develop and create personalized training sessions which can be completed at their own pace and according to their specific needs. A clear outline and description of the training modules used in the series is located here on the site.

Many organizations and groups have difficulty forming a clear and shared vision for themselves that will motivate staff and encourage program growth. This series is an excellent example of a leadership training that can be adapted to each individual person or program’s cultural needs and help the participants reach success. The ease of adaptability and compatibility of a training program with an individual’s or organization’s cultural needs is vital to its success whether it is a community organization, Federal agency, or non-profit.

More information and resources on a variety of trainings and curriculum related to child health and wellness can be found here:

Resources on Training and Curricula   

Zero to Three Training and Professional Development


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